Member Services: PFA Agra gets Volunteers

PFA Agra in its mission to help the street animals of the city of Agra, has been involved with various facets of animal welfare. Since their inception in 1998, they have grown in size and scope of the work they carry out. Having worked for almost two decades, they have been successful in improving the condition of the animals in the city of Agra while helping create a climate of peaceful co-existence between animals and humans.  In conversation with FIAPO, PFA raised the growing need for volunteers in the city of Agra who can help boost their work.  PFA Agra was also a part of the online workshop on benefits of social media and actively participated during the workshop.  Simple suggestions such as sharing volunteer forms on the website and actively calling out for volunteers on social media handles were some of the unique points raised. Once again, we hope to follow up on this in a month’s time and take the next step forward towards growing the volunteer base and social media presence of PFA Agra.