Meet a Member: PFA Morena

PFA Morena is an organisation with humble beginnings. It was set up in March, 2000 with a few likeminded people who wanted to serve stray and diseased animals, and contribute to a healthy environment.

The organisation almost immediately began work on saving the peafowl, which was extensively poached in the region. Morena ( Moar+ Raina – habitat of peafowl) has one of the highest concentrations of peafowls in India. It was the home of 72000 peafowls in 2000 (data from Forest Department Morena).The birds are killed for their meat; feathers;and for the fat. Peafowl feather handicrafts and fat have a big international market. The birds are also disturbed by the pesticides and insectisides used by farmers.

“We did extensive work to save the peafowls in the villages surrounding Morena. From building awareness among th public to making sure the food and water needs of the birds, specially during the lean periods were met. Our area of work is densely populated by humans and we had to put in a lot of hard work to make the interaction between humans and birds positive. Most of it has been achieved by outreach. We also train farmers to adopt organic farming, which is less damaging for the birds and the environment” Says Ashutosh Barua, convener of PFA Morena.

The organisation also runs an animal ambulance with a mobile clinic to provide treatment on the spot to injured animals. They have a shelter in Nirghan with facilities for housing dogs cattle.Presently, there are 35 dogs and 10 cattle in the shelter.

PFA MOrena has recently joined the nationwide group of organisations doing outreach to reduce consumption of animal products. Their first outreach with college students has been a big success!

We wish them luck and growth for the future

For more information on the organisation and to participate in their outreach, contact,
PFA Morena
3/73 Sharma Gali
Mubasi Pura