The Camel Rescuers of India

PFA Sirohi is a registered organisation under the State and Central Government and is tax-free under the Income Tax Department. They specialize in running a specialist Camel Rescue Centre, in rural Sirohi district to serve sick, old, and injured camels. India’s Largest Camel Rescue Center at Sirohi was established in 1998 which has now become the premier support system for animals and birds. It is the first Rescue Animal Welfare Organisation and runs free animal check-up camps in the villages which has benefited many animals as well as their their humans.

They have taken up periodic campaigns for creating awareness regarding animal welfare and rights. They also conduct awareness programmes at various platforms on a regular basis. PFA Sirohi also conducts training sessions for various people including the police, veterinarians, and government employees. They rescue more than 800 injured, sick, and suffering animals—both large and small—every year. One of the major roles of PFA Sirohi is to rescue and treat sick and injured animals from around Sirohi, Jalore, Pali, and Udaipur district. They have two ambulances for smaller animals and an ambulance with a hydraulic ramp for large animals such as Cows, Dogs, camels, horses and donkeys. Rescues can involve dogs hit by a vehicle, sick abandoned horses, cattle with stomach full of plastic and other wastes, electrocuted monkey, or birds injured by a ‘Manjha’. Sometimes their teams have to rescue animals from wells, culverts, towers, and similar places.

Their achievements include being honored by former Prime Minister, I.K. Gujral, in 2005, on behalf of the Venu-Menon national institution and Wildlife Trust of India. They were also bestowed with a National Level Honor in New Delhi for their service toward birds and Animals.

FIAPO congratulates PFA Sirohi on the commendable work that they carry out for the animals.

You can read more about them here – http://www.pfasirohi.org/