PFA Trivandrum seeks help with social media

People for Animals (PFA), Thiruvananthapuram is a charitable organization that champions the cause of animals and upholds animal welfare by preventing exploitation, mutilation, abuse, and abandoning of animals. Ms. Latha is the iron lady behind the success of this shelter and is also one determined woman who always aims high for further development of the shelter. Currently she and her team caters to dogs. They are highly active on Facebook and are well known among the locals as someone to count on for any animal related issue. With a strong base of volunteers, Ms Latha aims to further increase her shelter for the aid of wild animals. Due to the increased inflow of dogs at their shelter, they are constantly on a lookout for happy homes for their dogs. Currently they have more than 50 dogs at the shelter and are now raising funds for having a larger space for keeping them. We at FIAPO have aided Latha in improving her knowledge in using social media to the fullest capacity and created posts in order to increase her reach for getting her dogs adopted. We have also reached out to and shared contacts of related animal adoption organisations, sites and other contacts in her area to help in their adoption so that they too can be approached for connecting families with a new bundle of joy.

We also urge you to check out their page https://www.facebook.com/PFATrivandrum/ and share it with your family and friends and be a part in providing a home for the animals at their shelter!