Street dogs are an integral part of our society. They have enriched our lives with their companionship for many generations, and their right to a life free of pain is endorsed by the Indian Constitution.

However, we live in a society where human-dog conflict is on the rise.

Irresponsible waste disposal, dumping of meat on streets by illegal meat shops and improper population control measures have fuelled this conflict. Central to it are dog bites and rabies, and the consequent displacement and killing of dogs. Apart from being inhumane and illegal, such myopic solutions are ineffective and have not resolved the problem of rabies or dog bites.

The relationship between humans and dogs can be a harmonious one, based on scientifically proven, legally sanctioned, and socially relevant conflict management strategies. Rabies Free India, in line with WHO’s ‘One Health’ approach and the ‘End Rabies Now’ initiative, is a nation-wide campaign that aims to create a dog-bite and rabies-free society, through a holistic, multi-stakeholder approach. It includes:

This strategy is being actively implemented in our state networks - in Kerala, Punjab and Assam.




National network

RFI's national network includes NGOs from the education, health, waste management, children and slum empowerment sectors. We work with the the central education and health ministries to create national policies for prevention and management of conflict with street dogs.

RFI advocates for an end to human-dog conflict, aligned with WHO’s ‘One Health' multi-stakeholder model. It promotes the mass sterilisation and vaccination of street dogs, education on dog-bite and rabies prevention, and post-bite counselling for patients – at the central, state and local levels. The following organisations are in line with our vision for a Rabies Free India.

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Education on rabies and dog-bite prevention conducted in Vattiyoorkavu school, Trivandrum for 100 students.
July 19


Education on rabies and dog-bite prevention conducted in Manakkad TTI school, Trivandrum for 200 students.

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