Download the RFK Malayalam education leaflet here.
Download the education orders below:

  1. Ernakulam
  2. Trivandrum
  3. Kannur

Download the counselling orders below:

  1. Trivandrum
  2. Kollam

Other Campaigns

#RabiesFreeKerala has secured the support of:

Minister for Local-Self Government Administration, Government of Kerala-Dr. K.T.Jaleel

Minister for Local Administration, Government of Kerala-Dr. K.T.Jaleel
Malyinkeezhu Panchayat for ABC-ARV drives
Neyyatinkara Panchayat for ABC-ARV drives
Kerala Government Veterinary Officers’ Association (KGVOA) for ABC-ARV
12 local orgaisations for public engagement on dog bite prevention across the state
Suchitwa Kerala Mission and Indian Veterinary Association (IVA)
Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) for school outreach

With overwhelming positive response from all over the state, the media has also supported us with positive coverage of the campaign.

While we are undertaking determined efforts across the state to vaccinate dogs with qualified personnel, FIAPO appeals to you to support the mammoth task of transforming the outlook of people towards street dogs.

If you're in Kerala, join us as an NGO, or an individual activist, or recommend someone you know to conduct weekly ARV and dog-bite prevention education drives.

For more info, write to us at mail@fiapo.org

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