#RabiesFreeIndia creates an Impact!

One aspect central to the ever increasing human-dog conflict in the country is rabies. This disease is 100% preventable with simple education and counselling on dog-bite prevention.

Setting out to make Kerala a model state for dog-bite management and rabies prevention, FIAPO’s #RabiesFreeIndia campaign, in collaboration with the Kerala Education and Health departments and People for Animals Trivandrum, conducted compulsory education on dog-bite prevention in 5 districts of the state, and also initiated counselling programmes for dog-bite victims in three key hospitals in Trivandrum district.

To measure our progress in the state, we launched an impact assessment report ‘Successful Pilot of the Holistic Programme to Minimise Human-Dog Conflict’, on 13th of December at a press conference in Trivandrum district’s Press Club. The report details out the positive impact of theeducation and counselling sessions in schools and hospitals.

Some Key Findings of the report
  • There has been 44.2% improvement in students knowledge about rabies after the education session, while the programme re-affirmed almost all the pre-existing positive opinions that students had about dogs
  • There is a near complete positive shift in the way students would react to an approaching dog. This is a significant move towards reducing  accidently proactive behaviour towards dogs, and thus a leap forward in dog-bite prevention
  • There was a quarter fold increase in the patients awareness about rabies and how it spread after the counselling
  • There was a 100% improvement in the patients’ awareness about ABC and its importance

With successful impact in Kerala, the #RabiesFreeIndia team is now pacing towards eradicating rabies in the country by spreading awareness about the general understanding of dogs and educating about the dog-bite prevention techniques. We are also working towards creating a holistic movement for human-dog conflict management, which includes mass vaccination of street dogs and systematic animal birth control.
It is only when the public is emphatically helped with information and understanding, that their attitude towards dogs will remain stable.
Want to make a difference? Start the #RabiesFreeIndia movement in your city. Write to us at mail@fiapo.org.