Member Services: Ramaiya Charitable Foundation gets legal support

Ramaiya Charitable Foundation works for street animals of Varanasi.  They provide animals in need with medical aid, food and adoption services with the help of the volunteers who wish to be part of the animal rights movement.

Ramaiya Charitable Foundation has been part of the Animal Rights Movement from a very long time and has been very active across the city in order to raise awareness about Animal Rights and helping the animals in need.

When FIAPO contacted Ramaiya Charitable Foundation, Ms. Swati Ballani informed us about the death of a local resident due to a bull fight incident that occurred on the streets. The untimely demise of a resident swayed the general public to take a position of apathy towards animals, leading to rising incidents of cruelty on the streets. Ramaiya Foundation took center stage in the matter and reached out to government bodies in the city – linking the issue of stray cattle to the rising number of illegal dairies in the city.

The increase in number of bulls across the city is clear indication of how the rise in illegal dairies around the city has led to abandonment of animals are straying these animals who are no longer of use to these dairy farmers.
Letters were sent out to the local municipal corporation, as well as the animal husbandry  from both Ramaiya Foundation as well as FIAPO – asking for stronger implementation of laws that register urban dairies along with demanding land for the upkeep of animals that were considered ‘spent’ and often left on the streets.

The media was also contacted in Varanasi to cover the issue extensively. This collective, well timed effort has currently led to the allocation of land for stray bulls in Varanasi.