Fundraising is one of the major aspect which is responsible for running an NGO. The day to day chores of an NGO or its effective functioning depends upon the fact that how well the organisation has been able to raise funds. It has always been a concerning issue for running an NGO. We came across this major issue once again when we reached out to Ms. Swati from Ramaiya Foundation Trust this month. She told us about the lack of funds that pertained to different issues in her trust. After understanding the functioning of Swati’s NGO, FIAPO decided to draft a fundraising proposal for them basis their requirements and the day to day functionalities. As FIAPO believes in building capacities she was made aware of the importance of fundraising and how crucial it is for the effective functioning of an organisation. Also, she was made aware of the different types. In addition to this, the contacts of various HNI’s (High Net Worth Individuals), corporates etc which can be a source to fundraise from were shared with Swati.

Ramaiya’s Charitable Trust” was registered in Feb 2017. The main objective of Ramaiya is to provide onsite first aid to all the animals in distress. Formally Ramaiya has been incorporated a year back, however, the founder Ms. Swati Ballani has been active in animal protection in Varanasi for more than 10 years and has clocked up various achievements so far.

FIAPO hopes this endeavor is helpful for them and it helps them solve their issues and most importantly build capacity for them. You can know more about their work here - http://www.tinkumemorialtrust.in/