Meet a Member: RAWW (Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare)

RAWW is one of the most active organisations in the country with the youngest set of wildlife rescuers and activists- most members and volunteers between the age group of 18 to 30 years. The organisation is also the newest member of FIAPO, having come to national limelight after their active contribution to rescue of all abused animals from a circus. RAWW is based in Mumbai and was found with an intention to create a platform for like minded youth to take animal welfare, environment and wildlife conservation of the city to the next level and setting motivating examples for the country.

The aim of the organisation has been to address contemporary environment and wildlife issues of the city, state and country, while facilitating habitat conservation for the city’s wildlife.

“Performing systematic human wildlife conflict management by rescuing , treating and rehabilitating injured/ distressed wildlife; conducting and contributing to scientific study and research; helping the victims of wildlife conflict; spreading awareness and information about the need and importance of stable environment; motivating citizens to share space and coexist with wildlife by making them understand that the city serves as a habitat to both humans and animals are some of our routine exercises specific to Mumbai” says Pawan Sharma, Founder and President, RAWW.

RAWW has rescued, released and rehabilitated thousands of wildkinds (mammals, birds and reptiles) within the city limits following all the legal framework, protocols and without neglecting ethical concerns. The rescue team has even rehabilitated rare and endangered wildkinds like leopards, crocodiles, peacocks etc with the state forest department and the WCCB (Wildlife Crime Control Bureau).

“We always look forward to work with other like-minded individuals, groups and organisations, both government and non government on projects related to animal welfare, environment and wildlife conservation for the betterment of humans as well as animals”, says Pawan. How cool is that, coming from the newest member of the Federation!

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