Meet a Member: ResQ Charitable Trust, Pune

ResQ is a charitable trust based in Pune, which provides emergency care and medical facilities to street animals in trauma. Since its inception in 2007, the organisation has provided treatment for 16000 animals. After coming across several animal emergencies and not being able to find timely help, we decided that pointing fingers at others was not the right thing to do. Instead, we decided start something ourselves and fill in the gaps that the existing animal organisations were unable to handle” says Neha Panchamiya Jangle, President, ResQ, about the inception of the organisation.

Their work is based on the understanding that injured or sick animals are more likely to spread diseases or react in stress and defense and therefore, it is important to ensure that animals on the street are healthy and vaccinated. This is their principal approach to reducing human animal conflict in the city. Regular anti rabies vaccination drives are conducted to ensure safety, reduce number of deaths of people, and also as a means to develop a positive opinion among people about street dogs.

Their comprehensive animal adoption programme runs on the principle that “one animal homed is one animal off the streets”. Through the programme, ResQ has successfully rehomed more than 2000 animals so far.ResQ holds regular education and awareness programmes at societies, schools, colleges and corporates to help them understand animals
and provide solutions related to animal related concerns in their urban environment. “We work with children to instill compassion, educate them about animal safety and work on removal of fear” says Neha.

In addition to street animals, ResQ has also contributed to the successful rehabilitation of five abused elephants. Visit http://www.resqct.org and https://www.facebook.com/resqct to support their work and participate in their cool charity sales!