Revival of ABC programme in Patiala after dog-bite case reported in Nabha

Location: Nabha, Patiala, Punjab
Date: 20 May, 2018
Nature of Issue: Death of a seven-year old child in Nabha by a pack of dogs
FIAPO’s action: FIAPO undertook the following actions:

  • Worked with officials of the Patiala district administration – the Commissioner, MC Patiala, the District Collector, and the IG/SSP Patiala Police – to revive the ABC drive successfully and protect stray dogs from threat of violence.
  • Provided educational materials to the District Collector, Patiala, to be used in workshop and elsewhere.
  • Met the DC and Commissioner to revive ABC infrastructure.
  • We are awaiting the online notification for the tender, post which it will be shared with AWBI recognised agencies, who can undertake the ABC programme according to all established protocols.

Response of Civic Body: Municipal Corporation has decided to revive its sterilization drive to ensure no such incidents happen in future:

  • ABC drive to start in Patiala from 1 July.
  • SPCA has been formed a week back.
  • The civic body has started developing infrastructure, including renovation of operation theatres and kennels, to ensure proper operation process and providing post-operative care.
  • To control the population of stray dogs and build adequate infrastructure, the MC had sought a grant of Rs 50 lakh, out of which it has already received Rs 24 lakh from the state.

Response of community:

  • Local activists will now be ensuring that the tender for restarting ABC will be taken out by the municipality at the earliest.
  • They will also be overseeing the renovation of the ABC facility in Patiala, taking care to ensure that the basic welfare and optimum care post the surgery is available to dogs.

A Brief Insight into the Case:
According to a recent case in Nabha, Patiala district, where a seven-year old child was mauled to death by a pack of dogs: http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/chandigarh/mc-to-revive-sterilisation-drive/594113.html , is again a tragic incident of human-animal conflict happening in the country.

Occurrence of such cases can mainly be attributed to the high density of dogs present on the streets; which can otherwise be controlled by an effective ABC-ARV programme. In order to keep the stray dog population in check and avoid such incidents from happening in future, MC Patiala has decided to revive the ABC drive from 1 July. The civic body is also working on renovating the present infrastructure for better operative facilities and post-operative care.

FIAPO, along with its partners have worked with the district administration of Patiala in order to revive the ABC programme which has been seen as the only effective way to reduce and control human-dog conflict. We have also sent out educational materials on dog-bite prevention and rabies prevention to the District Collector. Additionally, a draft order to the Patiala Police has also been sent which was to be circulated in all police authorities, to be vigilant about any potential injury, displacement or killing of dogs and most importantly file an FIR against any perpetrator; however no information has been received yet regarding its progress.

Read the letter sent out to MC Commissioner, Patiala here.
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