Tied all the time with chains and rough nylon ropes, Janaki had deep wounds on her legs and would hobble in pain when instructed to walk.

Rhino circus which was camped in Malda district of West Bengal was using animals for performance without permissions from the AWBI. The circus also did not have valid paperwork for transport of the elephant in its possession from Assam. When a team authorised by the Board approached the circus to verify the condition of animals in its possession, the circus shifted camp to Murshidabad district and abandoned the elephant. The elephant was left with no food or water and was constantly chained, causing deep abrasions on both hind legs. The animal was in this condition for two weeks, by which time APOs were able to move court and get it to be transferred to a temporary wildlife care facility

After further court proceedings, the court passed an order observing that the circus did not have valid paperwork to exhibit the elephant and that the circus had shown negligence in its care and upkeep. The court also handed over permanent custody of the elephant to the West Bengal forest department and directed it to make arrangements (financial, transport, handler etc) for proper upkeep of the elephant in a sanctuary.

Following this, the forest department has shifted the elephant to Jaldapara Sanctuary in North Bengal. FIAPO has been facilitating the entire process through organisations in Kolkata. We consider the present order another landmark in the process of rehabilitation of abused elephants, with the state being given the responsibility of care and management of the elephant.