Dear Madam / Sir,

This is to express our being extremely distressed over the rising trend of declaring species of wild animals such as Wild Boars and Nilgai as vermin.

We write to you from the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO). A national level federation with over 60 members and more than 200 supporting organizations FIAPO is active in areas of education, research, lobbying, mobilization, training and direct action.

We understand these blanket orders to cull are neither based on structured information nor are there systems in place to monitor them. In other words one may end up shooting species that are not allowed under the order and / or more number than allowed of the permitted species. If people take to trapping than probability of endangering other species is high.

Besides such blanket bans also hold the potential to disrupt the ecological cycle and landscape level conservation planning including that of conserving priority wildlife movement corridors.

We agree with you that this is a complex situation which warrants attention and time. Toward this we reiterate the need to:

  •    Explore and support non-invasive methods of reducing conflict. Some of these including alternative method of crop-protection have been put forth by MOEFCC itself in its advisories.
  •    Gather structured information on the topic. One that leads to a better understanding of the subject, beginning with priority locations. This could include factors like ecology of the species in conflict, changing land-use (including cropping) patterns, changing carnivore populations, efficacy of compensation schemes and changes in status of village common lands.

We urge you to involve the respective State Animal Welfare Boards and State Boards for Wildlife in arriving at specific action plans for conflict mitigation in your state. We look forward to working with your progressive government to address this issue in a holistic manner.

Thank You