SARRP and FIAPO, Helping the Wild Animals Escape the Concrete Jungle

SARRP (Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Program) is an NGO which was registered in the year 2010. SARRP works for the cause of reptiles, wild birds, and urban wildlife. However, the main agenda of the organization is to rescue reptiles and wild birds who are encroaching into suburbs and city and to educate people about these animals and birds so as to avoid mishaps. A few members have been working for more than a decade and have dedicated their time and experience to helping the human population understand the importance of nature and ecological balance.

SARRP NGO has more than a 100 dedicated volunteers, who perform various activities—from rescue missions to awareness campaigns. A lot of times it so happens that wild birds, reptiles, and other wild animals dwell in human captivity—which poses a potential danger to both—and this is when volunteers of SARRP take charge by rescuing the animals and saving the lives of both animals and humans, thus avoiding the chances of accidents like snake bites and other casualties. SARRP, till date, has rescued more than 30000 reptiles, wild birds, and mammals, and has rehabilitated them away from human interference to avoid conflicts in the future.

SARRP has qualified naturalists and dedicated volunteers, who conduct many awareness programs, seminars, lectures, campaigns, trails, and competitions. These activities are conducted in societies, corporate or government offices, BMC and private schools, colleges, and the Mumbai Police Department. The awareness campaigns are not only restricted to cities, but are also conducted in remote village areas to educate people about nature and its ecological values. The organization has conducted various awareness programs on myths about reptiles and the real facts about them—and more importantly educating people about what should be done primarily, in case of snake bites or other casualties. Educating people helps them understand how they can stay safe from reptiles and avoid serious incidents.

When we contacted Mr. Subodh Shinde from SARRP, we got to know about the non-availability of NGOs or volunteers for their help in the local areas. We then decided to step in and share a list of our volunteers and NGOs who were active in the local area and could provide support to SARRP. One of the major issues that was raised by Mr. Shinde was that they were majorly concerned with rescuing wildlife animals and thus they required assistance on domestic cases. FIAPO provided them with the various contacts, whom they could reach out to in times of requirement.


To read more about SARRP and its rescue activities & programs, please follow the link: http://sarrpindia.org/sarrp_project.pdf