Society for Animal Welfare

Society for Animal Welfare (SAW) is an animal welfare organisation dedicated to caring for animals. SAW provides immediate care to those animals that are sick, injured or abandoned on the streets. SAW was founded by Sri. Ramesh Babu in the year 1996, who is a one-man army and holds the strong belief that animals also deserve love, help, and care. Their motto says ‘Ahimsa is our tradition and to extend this to all creations is what makes us a worthy race.’ They came up with a venture called ‘The Kindness Club’ which is a humane education program that can for children between the ages of 7-12, held at Khammam, Telangana. This program is designed for children who love pets and have the desire to learn more about the care of animals. Children in this program learn about caring for infant animals, basic obedience training, veterinary care for animals, and more. The goal of kindness Club is to help the next generation learn what they can do to make their homes and communities a better place for companion animals. Added to this, he has till date filed over 100 cases with the help of his team. He also does free vaccination drives and conducts workshops for animal first aid and rabies prevention.

For carrying out the various activities in their NGO, Mr. Ramesh needed help with funds. We at FIAPO decided to step in at that time and helped him with imparting education about the importance of fundraising and its various types. Also, we wrote to the authorities on behalf of Mr. Ramesh to seek permission on his education program. Mr. Ramesh was also made aware of the various Indian and international donors who can help him in raising funds for his NGO. FIAPO will be providing him with continuous support in fundraising so that he faces no hurdles in expanding his noble ventures.