With no access to food or water, Champa was routinely tied up for over 22 hours a day, i.e. whenever she was not performing.

Confirming that circuses are a relic of the past, activists discovered abused children as well as animals in Sonali Circus camped at Salt Lake, Kolkata. An official inspection established that the circus was performing with animals including an elephant, without regulatory permissions from the AWBI and the CZA. The elephant which was used for performance was tied continuously with a metal wire, which had bit into its skin, causing deep wounds. there was also no provision of food, water or even shade for the animal.

During one of the shows young children were seen performing dangerous stunts and that too without any safety devices. The circus also did not possess a valid ownership certificate for the elephant. This proves the fact that circuses are focal points of illegal trade in wildlife.

The elephant was seized by the police and handed over to the forest department. After a month long legal battle between APOs and the circus, the court issued a landmark granting permanent custody of the elephant to the state forest department. This has paved the way for state sponsored elephant rehabilitation centers in the country. We are hopeful that this progress will reflect in the way abused elephants are provided lifetime care in the entire country.