On 11th July 2018, a tragic incident unfolded as an eight-year old boy died after being bitten by street dogs in Bareilly, UP. This unfortunate incident could lead to potential retaliatory street-dog killing, especially in the wake of Uttar Pradesh’s recent Sitapur incident, where over a 100 street dogs were killed in response to the deaths of 14 children. Such conflict is tragic, for both people and animals, and can be averted through long-term, systematic, preventive measures that are put in place by local authorities and backed by the state government. These include Animal Birth Control, Anti–Rabies Vaccinations for street dogs, education for the public – especially children – on dog-bite and rabies prevention, post-bite counseling support for dog-bite patients, and appropriate waste management.


Many dogs have been killed due to the lack of such measures, and still more will be killed if the government does not step up. Life is precious and must not be squandered away, and having these checks in place will make sure that no one – human or animal – is hurt. Let us join our hands together to dissuade any further attacks on street-dogs, and avoid a massacre like the Sitapur dog killing. It’s time we all co-habited peacefully and safely.

Sign the petition to stop killing of dogs

Sign the Petition to Stop Dog Killings in Bareilly

Stop Dog Killings in Bareilly


Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I write to you about a case of a child dying through dog bites: http://www.india.com/news/agencies/8-year-old-boy-dies-in-dog-attack-in-up-3160184/.
It is extremely tragic when such serious dog-bite incidents occur, and I completely understand the grief that the family must be going through.
However, we believe that there are many humane, legal land effective solutions that can be undertaken. These are laid out by central legislations such as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, and the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules 1960, as well as the order given by the Supreme Court in 2016.

The only way to curtail human-dog conflict is through the solutions laid out below. There is a strict prohibition on the killing under the above Acts and Rules. It is a known fact that human-dog conflict can only be controlled through Animal Birth Control programmes, and rabies can only be controlled by systematic Anti-Rabies Vaccination Programmes. In addition to this, there is a grave need to increase awareness amongst the public on dog-bite and rabies prevention, and start counselling programmes for dog-bite patients in government hospitals. Only a combination of ABC, ARV, education and counselling programmes for the public will result in de-escalation of the conflict between people and dogs.

I request you to consider this letter as a note to keep vigilance against potential killings of street dogs, especially in the wake of the recent Sitapur case. I also ask that you ensure that there is no untoward violence towards dogs in the future – like injury, killing or displacement of dogs, as this is completely against the law of the land. I request you to take strict legal action against anyone who is involved in such activities.

**your signature**

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