India is a country that thrives on diversity with celebrations and festivals of different religions and cultures. Eid-ul-Adha, falling on the 22nd of August this year, is one such celebration. The festival of sacrifice and abatement, Eid brings with it the joy of gifts, friends and festivity.

However, deeply tied to the festival is the tradition of animal sacrifice, which hangs like a shadow over the positive atmosphere of the festival. One of the largest Indian festivals in India – Eid brings with it a sudden end to the lives of many innocent animals, which is mostly carried out in ways that are illegal.

This Bakr- Eid, it’s time to change the reality for animals.

FIAPO's own network of over 50 activists and NGOs are already working to Stop Slaughter Cruelty! Active in Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Mangalore, and Vadodara, these cities are on red alert. Our activists are meeting local government departments such as the police, municipal corporations, and food safety to ensure swift and speedy redressal of complaints that come our way leading up to and on Eid.

However, a few people are not enough to stop slaughter cruelty.
We need more people to be our eyes and ears and help us combat this very real threat against animals. It is time that you step up as citizens of the country and take an active step to stop the illegal slaughter of goats.

Practically all the animals we see tied up across the city are kept in unlawful conditions. To this end, we’ve started a helpline number, where you can report any incidents you come across in your city. These include:

  • Live goats being sold/ tied in meat shops
  • Goats tied outside a neighbor’s house/ shop
  • Animals crammed into a transport vehicle
  • Goats tied up in residential complexes or on the roadside
  • Animals being slaughtered in non-designated places like houses, public roads, and alleyways
  • Goats being slaughtered within clear sight of other animals


If you witness any of these, or any other suspicious activities, send only Whatsapp message to +919990055804, mentioning the following details:


  • Photo of activity
  • Location of animal
  • Description/ evidence of illegality
  • Any other relevant details

We will then activate our on-ground teams to take action.

All of the above mentioned activities are illegal, and are in violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, the Transport of Animals Rules 1978 and its amendment, Slaughterhouse Rules 2001, Motor Vehicle Act, Municipal Laws and Food Safety & Standards Authority of India.
Take action near you to speak up for animals this Bakr- Eid.

Let’s get together and combat the illegal slaughter of animals during Bakr-Eid