#StopSlaughterCruelty: Working towards a better future for animals!

Thousands of animals are slaughtered illegally every day in India, at places of unchecked cruelty, ranging from roadside shacks to air-conditioned establishments. Mostly, these establishments do not even have licenses to operate as commercial entities, let alone slaughterhouses.
To combat this, in the month of April, FIAPO conducted capacity building trainings in 4 cities, namely, Indore, Dehradun, Mangalore and Hyderabad to equip the animal rights activists’ in these cities with essential skills to take action against illegal meat shops.

More than 50 individuals who attended this training gained insights about filing complaints regarding illegal slaughter, working with Municipal Corporations and Food Safety Departments and creating strong, vigilant communities. Post the workshops, individuals in each city conducted inspections and filed complaints against these illegal establishments.

Present in six cities across India - #StopSlaughterCruelty is all set to take effective action to end the suffering of animals.