Meet a Member: Pioneers of animal welfare in the country – STRAW India

Stray Relief Animal Welfare, more commonly known as STRAW India is a pioneer institution working to promote animal welfare throughout the country. The objective of STRAW is to promote and develop a positive, respectful, and caring bond between people and animals everywhere.

‘A caring attitude is hidden deep inside each one of us and if we allow this attitude to be brought forward, even in small little ways, there would be no creature – big or small – on this earth ever in discomfort and pain’ – It was with belief in this philosophy that STRAW was registered in 2002. Approved by the AWBI, the organisation aims to minimize the gap between individuals who aspire to save animals but do not know how and animal welfare organisations and individuals working to save these animals. Thus, they’ve worked actively in the field of capacity and resource building for skill sets and finances.

With the aim of lending a helping hand, their website also boasts of an ‘Online Vet’ facility that allows individuals with pets to fill in their query and get an online consultation from two prestigious veterinary doctors.The organisation also has a strong belief in making children compassionate citizens of tomorrow.
For this purpose they run a Humane Education program at various schools, imparting to children a sense of love, care and responsibility towards animals.

Another project that is an area of major focus for the organisation is Fund Raising. As a ‘supportive’ organisation, STRAW works towards ensuring that no project is stopped or left halfway because of meagre funds. They adopt a number of methods to ensure adequate cash inflow, including raising money from Government Bodies, International Funding Bodies, Corporate Sponsorships (In connection with the Humane Education Program) and individual donors.

Understanding the need for a spay and neuter program propelled by individuals, STRAW also has an Animal Birth Control Program that helps individuals do more for ‘community’ dogs that would otherwise only grow and multiply exponentially. The program helps individuals monetarily and otherwise who then make their community dogs undergo neutering and spaying along with other veterinary treatments.

Finally, STRAW also helps relocate pets that owners often want to abandon. They also have an ‘Animal Advice’ column which explains in some detail, whether owning a pet would be a good idea for you or not. They go on to elaborate on the care that each loving home requires to keep an animal. STRAW has enabled thousands of individuals as well as organisations to aid initiatives that would have otherwise never seen the light of the day.

For more information, please contact :

Stray Relief Animal Welfare (STRAW India)

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Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana
Ph.: +91.9958555443
Email: straw@strawindia.org