Tails of Compassion and FIAPO Come Together to Help Gurugram Love Its Dogs

Founded by Ms. Divya Parthsarty in 2017, Tails of Compassion (TOC) is a registered trust located in Bandhwari village, Gurgaon. It was started with the purpose of helping animals in need of care, treatment, and shelter; but most importantly, all those animals in need of love. They have rescued 50 dogs, several cats, birds, and other animals. The trust is currently looking after senior, injured, abandoned and special-needs dogs.

The trust’s mission is to work dedicatedly to provide quality of life for animals and ensure their well-being through rescue, treatment, shelter, and rehoming efforts. The major objectives of the trust are: to provide a compassionate home for dogs and other animals with special needs, to provide basic medical facilities and recovery area to injured animals to heal under medical supervision, sterilization for dogs, and to provide post-operative care.

One of the major rescues of the trust so far has been that of Sher Khan (Sheru), a German Shepherd-Indie mix who was found tied to a pole in a slum. The dog was first spotted by an animal activist. He looked weak, abandoned, and severely food deprived. The trust offered a place for him and started looking after him. However, for the first few days he wasn’t too accepting of their care and concern. After he attacked a TOC member, the volunteers took him to a behaviorist, who said that the dog would calm down a lot if he could spend his energy on play and exercise. For the next few days he was kept apart from dogs. He was given a lot of exercise, love and slowly his behavior changed. He started being receptive of everyone at the trust. After a dedicated approach for three months, Sher Khan became a part of the Tails family and now is a major inspiration and everyone’s muse.

There are thousands of Sher Khans waiting to be rescued, and for that “Tails of Compassion” needs all the financial help and additional support they can get, in form of volunteers, plantation drives, and good-will. We must help them help our furry little friends and change their living conditions for the better.