Plant Veda

Plant Veda (Nutriva) is best known for bringing you the goodness of nature through its exclusive range of plant-based milks and milk products. In the wake of harsh realities like, environmental crisis and cruelty to farm animals, Plant Veda is already moving closer to plant-based lifestyle, one product at a time. Each product is nourished by nature, making it naturally cholesterol free, lactose free, cruelty free, and ofcourse healthy. Taking our mission a step ahead, we are honoured to collaborate with FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection), attempting to impact as many lives as possible.
1. Almond Milk that is 50% richer than cow milk.
2. Peanut Buttermilk that is already winning hearts.
3. Protein Cookies rich in nutrition, rich in taste.
4. Barista Almond Milk for all your beverage cravings.
5. Protein Nut Milk for a healthful lifestyle, every day.
Let’s take a step closer to nature.