Atul Sarin

Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG)

Atul founded WAG in 2012. In this short period, under Atul’s leadership, WAG has grown to offer several services to the animals of Goa – Animal Birth Control, Rescue, Cow Shelter, Bio-Gas plant, Batch-feeding programme, re-homing programme, semi-care programme, and a clinic. Atul also administers the Pet Life Page on facebook, a huge success in connecting pet parents and animal protection groups in Goa. Atul says “I am passionate about organisations connecting up and working together, after all, we all want the same thing ie, to help the Animals. I also run Goa’s most successful social media platform to enable animal lovers to connect online. Social media is a powerful tool, and I believe my expertise in helping people connect to help animals will be valuable for the Federation – which was set up with the same mission.