The Powerful Mechanics of Undercover Investigation in Building up a Movement

FIAPO works towards improving the lives of Farmed Animals, and promoting the adoption of a cruelty-free lifestyle. The suffering of animals in dairies, in research labs, in homes, in slaughterhouses, in factory farms, is more than often overlooked by the public’s naked eye. In the wake of moribund city lives, most people are unaware about what happens right in front of their eyes, let alone what happens behind closed doors- millions of chickens slaughtered for food, awaiting their slow death in battery cages, captive animals used for “entertainment” whiling away to psychological disorders, lakhs of dairy cattle forced to suffer in deplorable conditions. The list is just endless…

The unfair, unethical and mostly unlawful treatment of this section of sentient beings puts an important responsibility on our comparatively privileged shoulders. The responsibility to uncover the invisibility cloak that these suffering animals are unjustly hidden under. A powerful way to bring this reality to the forefront is in exploring and optimizing the power of undercover investigations. With the help of hidden cameras, microphones and a thirst for justice, there are many brave undercover investigators amongst all of us, who are changing animal rights in the country.

Only when we document the wrongdoing and injustice to animals in the form of critical evidence, can we raise public support for institutional & regulatory changes. Time and again, there have been many victories of pro-animal rights campaigns by sprouting change in public opinion and policies, all thanks to the undercover investigations’ revelations. It is, however, necessary that the content that the undercover investigation procures is explicit, with accurate evidences (often graphic), that only a successful operation is capable of producing.

A classic case of success has been FIAPO’s End Circus Suffering campaignthat is working alongside support organisations by inspecting and videographing the atrocities committed in Indian circuses. The result? 17 circuses being legally disallowed to perform with animals. In another example,  FIAPO’s investigation of Indian dairies revealed utmost cruelty and unlawful practices. The campaign continues to create mass awareness causing a substantial increase in the number of vegetarians and neo-vegans in the past few years. In cases such as Jallikattu, videographed evidence helped banning the practice back in the years. While the ban has been lifted, the reality is out in the open for debates. Once the situation is triggered with an investigation, the snowballing of positive outcomes is only a matter of time.

There lies a world of hidden realities waiting to be discovered, with tools of technology like camera lenses and microphones to our aid. It is time we raised our voices to question the barbaric practices that have been in the system for way too long. We have waited long enough, and so have the animals in suffering. The time for action is now.

If you want to do an undercover investigation in your city and be the wingman for social justice, we can help you calculate risks and share a little bit of methodology.  We await your mail at

No one must shut his eyes and regard as nonexistent the suffering of which he spared himself the sight. -Albert Schweitzer