Tinku Memorial Trust get assistance on Fundraising from FIAPO!!

Fundraising is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects responsible for running an NGO. The day to day chores of an NGO or its effective functioning depends upon the fact that how well the organisation has been able to raise funds. It has always been a concerning issue for running an NGO. We came across this major issue once again when we reached out to Mr. Nilesh from Tinku Memorial Trust this month. He told us about the lack of funds that pertained to different issues in his trust. We then decided to help him out with this issue and prepare a proposal for them with which they can fundraise and also impart them with different mechanisms which are helpful in doing the same.

Mr. Nilesh Raichura is the founder of Tinku Memorial Trust which started working for stray dogs in September 2014. It majorly focuses on providing medical care, vaccinations, rehabilitation, feeding and sterilization to street dogs. Apart from providing all the essentials for dog care, TMT in support with community supporters, also ensures that dogs maintain a good quality of life. Like most shelters, they are completely dependent on donations to pay their staff, for medicines, food, transport, cleaning, organizing adoption drives and any other miscellaneous activities performed by the shelter unit. Mechanisms like getting grants from funding agencies through projects, funding from international funding agencies, funding from government schemes, fundraising from corporate under CSR etc. were shared with Mr Raichura and explained in a detailed manner with him making him aware of the different concepts which revolved around this issue and also a proposal for raising finance was made citing their requirements and was shared with them.

FIAPO hopes this endeavor is helpful for them and it helps them solve their issues and most importantly build capacity for them. You can know more about their work here - http://www.tinkumemorialtrust.in/