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FIAPO campaigns to Ban Gorillas in India’s Zoos

The recent death of Polo, a 43 year old Gorilla at the Mysore Zoo after spending 18 years in isolation, highlights once again the unsuitability of keeping this magnificent sentient being in captivity

Along with Born Free Foundation, FIAPO is campaigning prohibit the keeping of Gorillas in captivity in India, by appealing to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to prohibit the import of any more Gorillas to Indian zoos.

FIAPO has appealed to the CZA, to consider the plight of these sentient beings, who are so physiologically and psychologically similar to humans. Gorillas live in closely bonded groups in the wild: a group of western lowland gorillas, like Polo generally comprises one silverback, multiple females, and their offspring.

We are worried that zoos may already have plans to import a new gorilla to replace Polo - and time is running out.

Take action today by writing to CZA to ban this practice forever

Gentle animals like Polo the Gorilla need your help to keep them out of zoos. Please contribute to the campaign by making a donation here

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