Meet a Member: Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG)

Welfare for Animals in Goa (W.A.G) is one of the esteemed member of FIAPO, and has been active in street animal welfare since July 2012. The organization is a registered trust and mainly works mainly in North Goa.

W.A.G was set up by a team of three driven individuals- Atul, Dev and Stephanie- with many years of experience in animal welfare. Their initial focus was on adoption and feeding of street animals, including cattle. Presently, volunteers of the organization regularly visit remote areas with food and medicines to make sure the WAG dogs are fed and given treatment. The team identifies packs of dogs and gives them each a tag which makes them easy to identify, feed, and keep track of. Many of the beach animals depend solely on the WAG team to get through the monsoon season, when most of the beaches are devoid of people who care for them.

WAG’s shelter houses cattle, dogs and cats which are victims of cruelty and are undergoing treatment. Like most shelters, dealing with the steady stream of puppies and other animals (sometimes thrown into the shelter) is a challenge. Founder member Atul says “it is important to sterilize all pet animals because overpopulation and abandonment of animals is really a man-made problem, and we need to address it ourselves until governments pitch in” while cuddling Patches, a pup who is being nursed back to health.

In addition to rescue work, WAG has this week, opened its new surgery with a full time vet Dr Upendra Kumar. In addition to treating stray and injured animals, the surgery will offer free services to those Pet owners who can’t afford to spend on treatment of their animals. WAG also plans to carry out 30 Sterilizations a month in its new facility. The organization also administers the Pet Life Page on Facebook, a huge success in connecting pet parents and animal protection groups in Goa

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