We’re winning! One Million Smiles of Compassion!

“Determined people working together can do anything.” – Jim Casey
Since its very inception, #LivingFree has focused on one core objective – to build a people-powered movement that helps alleviate the suffering of farm animals and to end it in the near future.
A closer look at any place within India quickly revealed that what first appeared to be a behemoth task, was in fact, a movement waiting to be born! The passion, dedication and action of thousands of activists today resounds in the very fabric of Living Free – which would be nothing without our activists' efforts!

For all of us fighting for a better world for farm animals, today is a day of celebration – through the collective efforts of more than 350 individuals and organisations in more than 60 cities across India, we have reached out to 1 million people since inception. That’s one million citizens empowered to make compassionate choices!

 If every single one of them chose to go vegan for a day, that would save:
  • 49,90,00,000’ Liters of Water
  • 3,00,00,000’ Sq. Ft. of Forests
  • 1,80,00,000’ Kgs of Grains
  • '90,00,000' Kgs of CO2 emissions 
  • '10,00,000' Animal lives
And we know that the impact has been much more!
Living Free has been campaigning for the rights of farm animals since April 2012 and it has seen success at the hands of our activists. This victory is a shining example of heights we can reach as a collective empowered movement, and every drop counts – so a big THANKS to our activists for the great work they always do!