Why we need Leadership TODAY!

Great social movements have all been propelled by grassroots activism. A successful uprising is defined by how many cities it happens in and how many people gathered in support of it – it defines our urgent need to do away with an ill in the society.

Grassroots action is also the way to go to really reach out to all animals.
It is local groups alone who have the best potential to educate the public where there is ignorance, reveal local cases of animal cruelty behind the door, and rescue animals when they are most in need!

Leadership development to help animals at the local level is extremely important, as stronger belief, community support, and continuous action will all go a long way in forming the ideologies of generations to come.

The Leadership Development Programme is meant to inspire change.

Right from an ideological standpoint to see what is the status of the revolution the world over, to skill building like ‘how to be an effective advocate for animals, how to plan an event’ , to organizational growth needs such as ‘how to build and motivate volunteers, manage finances ‘ etc… the leadership development programme will help you grow in all directions.

And it is only after realizing and reaching our true potential- can we truly offer our best to the animals we so love.

So come up and join the Leadership Development Programme and become an effective advocate for animals today! Apply by clicking here.