World Anti Rabies Day on 28-30 Sep In Mumbai

September 28 is celebrated as World Anti Rabies Day all over the world. On this occasion Mr Sourabh Edwankar from MAA(Mumbai Animal Association) decided to do a three day ARV drive in and across various regions of Mumbai. FIAPO decided to associate itself with this great cause and stepped in right from the beginning in which we were involved in the designing of content for the drive. We also reached out to the other NGO’s in the same area and informed them about the event asking them to participate in the same. One of the other major part that FIAPO was involved in during this drive was reaching out to authorities like BMC, Major health care departments, MLA’s, MP’s and also Police authorities of the concerned area asking them to join the drive and show their participation in terms of providing logistic help too.

FIAPO hopes this endeavor was helpful for MAA and it helps them creating awareness amongst their region regarding one very important issue of – ARV.