This circus was in possession of and using animals for performance without registration with the AWBI. Following a complaint by APOs, the Board wrote to the local administration of Satara district where the circus was camped, urging them to take action against the circus.

In their complaint, the APOs pointed out that the inhuman and filthy conditions in which the animals were kept and trained. The horses at the circus had no shelter, feed, or water. Their hooves were overgrown making it difficult for them to even walk. The dogs were tied with coarse ropes causing bruises around their neck and they had developed infections on their feet because of standing for long periods on slushy ground.

Grassroots organisations worked in tandem with the local police to confiscate and rehabilitate the animals at a nearby animal shelter. Many such circuses travel around the country making a business out of suffering of animals. The successful rehab of animals from World champion circus indicates that such circuses can only be regulated through the active participation of local APOs.