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The natural order suggests that animals are not meant to be in cages, they are not meant to be tied down by ropes—or human expectations. India is full of animals, from the humble street dog to the majestic Asian elephant; and while a number of them are still trying to avoid capture, most have already been herded into the captivity of commercial coops, rural pens, and circus tents. Many are being trafficked for money, exported in the name of economic growth, and a lot of them are dying untimely deaths shackled with the discomfort of human negligence.
Recently, the Maharashtra government and the Commerce Ministry took on a project to export livestock, in the form of roughly one lakh sheep and goats, from Nagpur to Sharjah, UAE; planning to cram them into freight flights and shipping them off without considering the fact that they are living, breathing organisms.
Animal lovers, NGOs, and organisations rooted in ahmisa -  all rose up in Nagpur, Mumbai and Delhi in protest. And after many meetings, demonstrating, letter writing, public pressure—the live export of one lakh goats and sheep, thankfully, did not go through. The animal protection community, with the Jain Samaj in the forefront, came together in a volley of volunteers, activists, and organisations to tackle a situation that seemed to be out of hand. With over 2000 petitions in a day, hundreds of phone calls to the chief minister’s office, and several protests to stop these ‘flights of slaughter,’ we have showcased our strength and ability to work together as a cohesive community for the protection of animals in the country.
“While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?”
― George Bernard Shaw
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." 
— Mahatma Gandhi
However, while the animals in Nagpur breathe another day, hundreds of other animals are being rounded up somewhere else in the country, being branded and marked to be shipped off at the slightest notice.
Animal advocates have a great fight in front of them, especially because the community is small. And so we must ponder upon the strength and power that this one impromptu protest brought into the animal protection community, giving newfound vigor to those who have been working to improve the living conditions of animals.
The ability to react to urgent and fragile situations, despite our different approaches, is what makes us a strong movement. We must work cohesively, even if we have different approaches to life, and show results that reflect our common goals.
If we all come together to work in tandem, our diversity will pave the way to looking at situations with different perspectives, and using those perspectives to change the world. The world has the potential to be a better place—it only needs a bit of coaxing to bring out the best in ourselves, and a partnership and collaboration for that ‘best’ to turn into a more comprehensive, compassionate conclusion—a conclusive end to injustice against animals.  
After all, that’s what a Federation is all about.
Varda Mehrotra, 
Executive Director, 
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
An Interim Victory for the Animal Rights Community!
The Commerce Ministry’s project to export roughly one lakh goats and sheep from Nagpur to Sharjah, UAE, has come to a halt before it could even leave the barn. Though the community has taken a sigh of relief after the halt of this transport, let us not forget the thousands of animals that are being transported from the neighboring city of Nashik to UAE right now. Live export of animals is not only physically torturous, but also mentally traumatizing for animals; and many animals die even before reaching the destination. We hope this interim ban and the combined efforts of the animal rights community will help end this practice once and for all.
Rabies Free India: How to Effectively Address Human-Dog Conflicts
Conflicts between people and dogs have caught public attention lately, with incidents of dog bites and people killing dogs in retaliation hitting headlines every other day. There are an estimated 15 million owner-less dogs in India, which is a cause of much disturbance to the general public in the country. The commonly suggested solutions are either impractical or inhumane or illegal. More practically, FIAPO proposes  a multi-pronged solution which includes regular ABC, ARV, dog-bite education in schools and post-bite counseling in hospitals; which have proved to be better in solving the increasing human-dog conflict.
Dairy-Tales: Facts About Milk You Didn’t Know
The dairy industry in India has flourished since the White Revolution, and along with this, India has become the leading beef exporter, with the ‘refuse’ of the dairy industry being slaughtered and exported. To add insult to injury, the dairy industry paints the picture of cows and buffaloes as commodities, solely to be exploited for commercial gains, rather than the gentle, thinking, feeling beings that they are. There is an urgent need to bring forth the realities of the dairy industry to the people who are still unaware of the atrocities these animals face! FIAPO is working towards creating mass awareness and bring about an environment of change, to relieve these animals from the incessant pain they bear every day, till they die.   
Animals are 'Legal Persons', all Citizens their Parents, Orders Uttarakhand HC
In a unique ruling, the Uttarakhand High Court on Wednesday accorded the status of a "legal person or entity" to animals in the state, saying "they have a distinct persona with corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person". This is a welcome decision from the Uttarakhand HC towards the Personhood of Animals in the country, which challenges the very fabric of exploitation of animals that runs through our society. This is a crucial time for animals in India, and its impact will indeed be global.
Myths Associated With Meat Procuring Industry of India
India is largely known to be a vegetarian country, based on the majority religious views. But taking into account all the relevant researches conducted in the past few years, we can only find 20% actually justifying this claim. In our country, people usually prefer buying meat or chicken from local butchers because it is generally cheaper and considered fresh. However, the reality is contradictory, as they end up buying and cooking pathogen-infested, rotten meat.
Personhood of Animals
According to the Indian law, animals are seen as mere commodities, nothing more than a table or a chair. The law gives no recognition to the animal’s inherent value and any animal protection offered in the legal system caters to human interest instead of the animals independent interests. In an effort to bring a definite shift in how the law looks at animals, FIAPO, after months of research and consultation from national and international campaign leaders and lawyers, have created a case for the personhood of animals in the country, giving insight into why we need to depart from the status quo and classify animals with legal personhood.
Join us in fighting for the rights of liberty and dignity of animals in the country.
Sign The Declaration
PAWS- Mumbai
Plant & Animals Welfare Society – Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) was founded in 2002 by Mr. Sunish Subramanian Kunju to work in the field of Animal welfare and environment protection. He believed that consistent efforts at the grass root level will help bring about positive change on both of these fronts.
Their USP lies in the fact that they are the only group in Mumbai run by the youth, specially working in the field of wildlife rescue. They also rehabilitate wildlife, with the assistance of the wildlife department. The team attends rescue calls and educates residents about snakes, most of which are non-poisonous and not a danger to people.
They are helping a lot of helpless animals, and making life better for them with ceaseless effort. FIAPO is thrilled to have them on board with us as one of our esteemed members.
PAWS- Mumbai
India For Animals Conference
The biennial India for Animals (IFA) national conference is a one of its kind event that marks the celebration of animal rights in India. The conference provides a platform to hundreds of grassroots activists, practitioners and philanthropists from across the country. IFA helps people get together under a common banner to connect, build and learn from each other. This year, IFA will be held from 26th-28th October 2018, at The Leonia Resorts in Hyderabad. Register today to witness the future of animal rights in the country!
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Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
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