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In 2017, Kaziranga National Park in Assam claimed the lives of 361 animals in floods which swamped the Brahmaputra floodplains.  Apart from the animals in the National Park and the north eastern part of the country, thousands of domesticated and street animals also lost their lives, due to a lack in rescue and rehabilitation attempts for animals in the state, in the times of a crisis. While rescue for human lives was at full force, animal lovers across the nation felt helpless and lost as news of animals affected in the floods made it to the front page.

Very recently, Kerala witnessed a similar catastrophe, where floods drowned more than 10 of the 14 districts in the state. Fortunately, individuals, activists and organisations from all across the country came forward to protect both humans and animals from this devastation in Kerala. Heartwarming stories of animals being rescued from the flood hit areas only highlighted again the capacity of our society to come together to act in times of need.
Fishermen giving up their boats and rescuing humans and animals from the flood hit areas, activists working day and night to treat animals affected in the flood, organisations and corporates providing food and medicines for both humans and animals were just some of the efforts which helped us unite as a community to help protect ALL kind of life.

Organisations and people in Kerala rose to the challenge - playing a huge role in aligning the rescue operations, providing food and medicines for animals and setting up temporary shelters for their aid. And from outside the state, many organisations, sent people, medicine, food and supplies to the disaster-struck areas – FIAPO, Blue Cross of Chennai, Thane SPCA, CUPA, Avaaz, Humane Society International, Resquink, ResQ, and others whose on-ground teams’ helped rescue hundreds of animals in the flood affected state.

But in spite of whole-hearted attempts by individuals and organisations, not every animal could be saved. The damage caused by the floods was extensive, and the animals, who anyway find it difficult to fight for space and attention, were the worst affected. More than 50% bovines are assumed to have died in the flood due to the lack of food and inability to escape due to tethering. Backdoor breeders left their dogs caged while they ran to safety, causing many innocent animals to drown to their deaths. Over 483 human deaths were also reported from the state. It’s a huge tragedy, for animals and humans alike, and we mourn this sad loss of lives.

At this time of grief and fortitude, as the world came together to help, we were shocked to find people who attributed the Kerala floods to eating beef and killing dogs – ‘Keralities facing the wrath of God.’ Many tweeted saying that Kerala ‘deserved’ the floods because the state did not ban the consumption of beef and this has spurred the gods causing the devastating floods! Even though these comments are  being made by a minority, what is harder to believe is that these people have committed their lives towards the protection of animals.

We fail to understand how can anyone as a part of the animal rights movement, rooted in non-violence and compassion towards all species –advocate such violence? Such misleading attempts to corrupt a movement, which is built on the pillars of compassion and resilience, will only lead to its distortion. The need of the hour in such circumstances is to come together and emerge as a team to support each other in making a real and meaningful difference and helping restore stability to those who need our help the most. To build a just, non-violent and peaceful world, we must start with practicing these values from within the movement, and spread to the outside world.    
Varda Mehrotra, 
Executive Director, 
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
Gaushalas Mistreating Cows Just Like Dairy Farms Do, Says Report
In a first-of-its-kind study, ‘Gau Gaatha’, an investigation of gaushalas, conducted by Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation (FIAPO) has revealed that animals are confined to small spaces, have poor veterinary care and are put through continuous breeding in gaushalas, which operate like dairy farms. The investigation covered 179 gaushalas in 13 states and two union territories. Historically, most Indians have held a compassionate view towards bovines, setting up gaushalas for their care, and enacting laws for their protection. However, it has become clear from the investigation that rhetoric and reality continue to be divorced and most gaushalas provide little better care than dairies, employing similarly cruel practices. Read More
Amala Akkineni bets for Veganism
Chairperson of Blue Cross Hyderabad and actor Amala Akkineni has collaborated with FIAPO to promote veganism through a social media campaign, the #21DayCompassionChallenge. The campaign is essentially aimed at encouraging non-vegetarians to completely go vegan for a period of 21 days. Through social media, the actor is urging fans and followers to take up the 21-day challenge. The challenge is designed for individuals who are keen to shift to a compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle. Read More
How Many Cows Does India Have? The Government is Yet to Start Counting
India, in recent times, has learnt a lot about its bovine. We know their “horns absorb radioactivity” and their “gomutra acts as an excellent floor cleaner”. What we do not know about our bovines, though, is their population. The 20th Livestock Census was scheduled to commence in July 2017. Thirteen months later, the project is yet to take off, and officials have said it is likely to commence by the end of September this year. This means that the government is still relying on data from the 2012 census for decisions related to livestock. We believe with the unnatural growth of bovines in factory farms, there is an immediate need for the Animal Husbandry department to start a census, and work towards the population control of these animals.  Read More

Personhood and Liberation for elephant Masini in Tamil Nadu temple

Working with FIAPO, Antony Rubin has moved to the the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, seeking a direction to restore the Samayapuram temple elephant, Masini, to her original habitat at the Theppakadu camp in Mudumalai forest and the recognition of her rights of dignity and liberty. FIAPO has been running the campaign to establish the rights of a dignified life, liberty, amongst others, for elephants in the country. Read More

Rescuers Jump To The Aid Of Strayed, Trapped And Suffering Animals In Kerala Floods
Kerala has been engulfed in a catastrophic event which is being called as one of the worst disasters of the century for the state. While the navy and disaster control officers bravely rescue the people who are stuck amid the floods, animal activists too, have jumped in to take care of street animals in the state. Many national organisations like FIAPO, Blue Cross of Chennai, Thane SPCA, CUPA, Avaaz, Humane Society International, Resquink, ResQ and more have also played a huge role in aligning the rescue operations, providing food and medicines for animals and setting up temporary shelters for their aid. We highly appreciate the efforts which has united us as a community for the protection of animals in the country. Read More
Gujarat HC stays ban on livestock export at Tuna port
To increase the tragic live export of animals in the state of Gujarat, the High Court has stayed the order of Kutch District Magistrate which prohibited the movement of livestock at Tuna port. The order for suspension of live transport of animals was passed on 6th of August, after alleged violations to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and complaints by the animal rights community. The DM had also formed a three-member committee to look into the violations.  Though live transport of animals is supposedly beneficial for the farmers, it involves utmost cruelties to animals- they are starved, many die of thirst and several cannot bear the constant motion and suffocation, thus succumbing. Read More
Abandoned, Blind Jumbo Survives on Public Empathy
Sundari, an 80 year old begging elephant in Madurai has been abandoned by her owner, owing to her blindness and inability to be ‘used’ anymore. Her Mahout, Mydeen used to take the elephant to temple festivals and mosques. She is currently undergoing treatment with some eye drops and ointments, apart from glucose to help her stay healthy. Indian Centre for Animal Rights and Education (INCARE), Chennai, said that they plan to relocate the elephant to a place where it would be taken care of. Elephants are the most exploited wildlife species in our country, used for begging, in temples, and for human entertainment to make money. There is an urgent need to understand, that these gentle giants have their right to dignity and liberty. Read More
Declaration for the Rights of Elephants
We are excited to share with you a landmark moment for animals in India - the first ever Declaration of the Rights of Elephants!
This Declaration of Rights, drafted in consultation with national and international academics, philosophers, lawyers and campaigners - represents a significant shift from the status of anti-cruelty laws, and represents a brave new world recognising an animals' inherent value. Elephants cannot be paraded in temples, or beg on the streets, or be kept enslaved- not just because it’s cruel, but because it compromises their basic rights. This Declaration will serve as a benchmark of our efforts to campaign for rights of elephants - in courts, with the legislature and the executive.
Your signatures will help achieve a rightful and dignified life for elephants in the country.
Let's stand for our gentle giants!
Sign the Declaration!
Alliance of Animals & People
AAP - Alliance of Animals & People - was conceived with a passion for the dignity and wellbeing of animal life in the year 2009.  Their main objectives are to identify innovative & practical ways to integrate lives of animals & people beyond the conventional approaches of animal welfare and to develop a broader perspective for people’s participation with a holistic approach involving children, youth and adults from all walks of life.
FIAPO is thrilled to have them on board with us as one of our esteemed members and wishes them Good Luck for all their endeavors.
Alliance of Animals & People
India For Animals Conference
The biennial India for Animals (IFA) national conference is a one of its kind event that marks the celebration of animal rights in India. The conference provides a platform to hundreds of grassroots activists, practitioners and philanthropists from across the country. IFA helps people get together under a common banner to connect, build and learn from each other. This year, IFA will be held from 26th-28th October 2018, at The Leonia Resorts in Hyderabad. Register today to witness the future of animal rights in the country!
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