Your food is polluting the air more than your car: DontGetMilked!

We’ve all seen some of our more environmentally responsible friends doing what they can to save the environment- they switch off lights and electrical appliances, don’t litter the roads, use recyclable plastics and even pool cars to reduce emissions; but what they don’t realise is that drinking one glass of milk causes more harm than their good deeds can cover up! In our path for a greener tomorrow, we often forget one of our biggest nemeses – Animal Agriculture, which is the 2nd largest contributor to global warming.

Here are some facts that you can share with your eco- friendly companions to help them drift towards ditching dairy:

It’s time you tell your friends about the ill- effects of animal farming on the environment, (and the wonderful effects of choosing a no-milk diet!) and urge them to make a difference, no matter how small. Ask them to take the first step by sharing this downloadable vegan starter kit today.

Promise Compassion to the Environment Today!
Don’t Get Milked!