Our Campaigns

Developing a positive human-companion animal relationship for our street animals.
Educating and lobbying to end the use and abuse of animals in food and clothing.
Campaigning to end the use of all animals in entertainment, sacrifice and captivity.
Bringing people together to improve the animal protection framework in the country.
Legally fighting for the right to personhood for all animals in the country.


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Aniket Borhade
When you are a new vegan, facing people is difficult but the most difficult for me was the helplessness that I was feeling. FIAPO got me into street activism & helped me change the world I live in, little by little, each step at a time.
Richa Thomas
I began volunteering with FIAPO's Living Free programme in 2016, and the experience has been awesome! FIAPO offers grassroots activist’s immense support.
Darshana Muzumdar
Loving animals and actually being able to do something for them are two totally different things. The support I got from FIAPO helped me start campaigns of my own.
Dr. Nandita Shah
I’m so glad FIAPO is making the animal rights movement stronger and larger by the day. It provides the much needed support to all of us working towards an animal friendly country!
Norma Alvares
FIAPO was set up to bring activists and NGOs together, to be able to talk about issues on animal welfare, to set higher goals, achieve them and look at the factors that affected our success
Erika Abrams
The purpose of FIAPO is to help us find each other in a storm (Struggle for animal rights movement).

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